Mind of the Court Jester

by Ryan Carter

(free) 00:52


“Enter the Mind of the Court Jester” serves as the introduction to the album and it’s a proper one at that. When I first heard the sample drop it felt majestic and ballooned into a thumping backdrop for Ryan to expel game. Easily the first thing I noticed was just how much fun he had to have recording the album; it shows in his style—Suga Free meets Mickey Avalon with a hilarious dash of Lil’ B—one he made uniquely his own, smooth, suave and debonair to be certain.

“Acquit” is Ryan Carter’s interpolation of Eminem’s “Under the Influence”; what separates this from Em’s is Ryan’s ability to ability to web a story into the bouncy track. It’s silly, funny and lyrically pretty sound. This is that kind of rap that we’re missing out on because of the unwritten rule that every rapper nowadays has to take themselves supremely serious; Ryan is having a ball lyrically and the listener is better for it. “About the Honeys” shows his affinity for the ladies and the beat rides as well as anything on the radio right now and even though the theme remains sophomoric, you can’t argue his ability to rapid-fire spit over the track.

“My Song’s Proper” touched me because of nod to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa”. Rather than take the novel approach and try to out finesse Biggie, he approaches the song with a totally different concept. That he was able to incorporate everything from salami to nerd-savvy topics had me rolling. It was especially here that I really started getting an understanding of who Ryan Carter is as an artist: a talented MC who might do away with the ‘street cred’ that other rappers hold close to chest for the ability to lyrically be himself. Don’t sleep either; the guy has BARS.

Intentionally lofi, there isn’t much to speak negatively of here—Ryan Carter has stepped cleanly outside the box and deftly donned a new one (very similar to the way Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake might)—but if I must in the name of objectivity, I’d say due to the subject matter it’s difficult to see what Ryan would sound like touching on more down-to-earth topics and over more original production. “Lame Figga” slides through over the Bobby Shmurda cut “Hot Boy” and you might think that there’s no way he could go in over this track–It’s just too gutter. Just too raw—yet somehow he does and while donning a tougher persona lightly goes over social issues that impressed me greatly. Plainly said, I rocks with it heavy. Overall, Ryan Carter is bringing something far and away from the norm and I’m happy for it because it allows the listener to escape the harsher realities we face on the daily. It is a solid piece of work that was thoroughly enjoyable. ~Charles Sweet for CyberPR


released June 30, 2015

Enter the Mind of the Court Jester
Crazyone-Worldwide/WolfDen Productions/Roc-A-Fella Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

14 & VanDyke
Crazyone-Worldwide/WolfDen Productions/Lench Mob Records(ASCAP)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Crazyone-Worldwide/Shady Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

About the Honeys
Crazyone-Worldwide/WolfDen Productions/Realitary Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

My Songs Proper
Crazyone-Worldwide/Bad Boy Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

I'm Just Text'n
Crazyone-Worldwide/Quality Control Music(ASCAP)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Lame Figga
Crazyone-Worldwide/WolfDen Productions/Epic Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Densensitized (Interlude)
Crazyone-Worldwide/Metal Face Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Daily Agitation
(T.Arrington III,S.Gardener,R.Carter)
Crazyone-Worldwide/Definitive Jux(ASCAP)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Big Head
Crazyone-Worldwide/Metal Face Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Kung-Fu Wung-Fu (Skit)
Crazyone-Worldwide/WolfDen Productions/Metal Face Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Yolo Girls
Crazyone-Worldwide/EMI Music Publishing Ltd.(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Strange Daze
Crazyone-Worldwide/Jiggamane Productions/Metal Face Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Broad Shoulders
Crazyone-Worldwide/Metal Face Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Running with Wolves
Crazyone-Worldwide/Young Money Entertainment(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

According to Plan
Crazyone-Worldwide/Metal Face Records(BMI)
Recorded At: WolfDen Studios - Harrison Township, MI

Artwork: R.Carter
Engineer: R.Carter
Mastered At: Crazyone-Studios - Centerline, MI
Mastered By: R.Carter

The Wolf Appears Courtesy of WolfDen Studios
Jiggamane Appears Courtesy of Jiggamane Productions



all rights reserved
Track Name: Enter the Mind of the Court Jester
[Ryan Carter]
How y'all doin' out there?
I wanna welcome y'all back
Welcome some of y'all for the first time, huh? Wolf!
We did it again! y'all can't mess wit us
we shooting bricks man! HA! HA!, what's good?
Aaron Lapa, Jiggy, they gonna be mad this time, huh?

[The Wolf]
I'm like what the fuck's with this shit man!

[Ryan Carter]
You know how we get down, suburbs, metro-detroit
metro-detroit up in this trick!
Yeah! We be gettin, uh.. rashes from these Yolo girls
you know how we do, stay gangsta all the time
hanging out at Barnes and Noble
walk up in the CVS, say WHAT UP!
They don't know what to do, man
walk up in the freakin, the freakin laundramat!
we sellin bootleg DVDs in there! That's so gangsta!
we hardcore rappers, you know...
run a drive-by on the.. city library

[The Wolf]
What's up America!

[Ryan Carter]
What's up!

We getting ready to go set this album the heck off
Wolf, where we rep, huh? Detroit!

Yo! why, I advise you to prep dun
when I shoot guns, I shoot to the left son
you be calling me Vacca, WHAT!
I flagged Buffy on Tuesday
Melissa Joan Hart in a new way
I banged in her doo-day!
wreak havage, drink Folgers
I watch Disney and I'm older
Got Miley on a poster!
she do the twerkin, I ain't concerned with Herps
shoot sperm and it turns to curds
I'm a straight up nerd! any number of men
who listen to her music, pretty much a straight up perv!
my flow is uncanny, sad forsake-on, wearing long johns
ravin and rantin from dusk to dawn
drop the soap and I'm gone
faint right in the slammer, teddy bear pajamas
guards come, I'm wetting my pampers
spread propaganda, dye my hair, blue like Amanda
write ad-lib, no happy campers
please follow me, "Hannah"
If you do, I'll mind my manners
I'll possess your freaking heart! and that's just for start!
work's unfinished, it's just one part
songs be making you crack-up, making you yelp
loving my life, but hating myself
Breaking Bad I felt
like Walter White, sick, praying for wealth
teens be dissin fighting in the mall, straight brawling
dialing 9-1-1, just prank callin'!!

Yeah! Let's get down to business! Detroit!

[The Wolf]

[Ryan Carter]
Lumpy Balls! In the house!
Track Name: 14 & Van Dyke
[Ryan Carter]
You ever have one of those days, where you get robbed?

[The Wolf]
Yeah, I mean..

[Ryan Carter]
You know where the guy dosen't know you
and he just comes up and robs you

[The Wolf]
I know! Shit happens!

[Ryan Carter]
Got Robbed Today!
swung the gun pistol-whipped my medula
I pooped! Stripped me bare
Now I'm clear out there
Ryan Carter homebro, get with the program
SAY! I'm on the menu?
Trapped on 14 and Van Dyke
and the weather's kinda crappy-like
they run outside, over to my ride, hacked the button for the alarm
I pulls the door back, he jams a gun to my fitted cap
I let go, correction.. my fingers is slippin
I'm grippin, on my ballsack straight fussin
Don't trip, got the phone and called Nick Da Quick cussin
And so, were on the hunt, two wolves in a pack yo
Driving West on 14, were pimps now you know
his tires are muddy ya'll, dirt on the paint ya'll
Tank really low, so we pulls into Meijer's
Give me 10 on six, NO STUPID! ONLY 10 CENTS BRO
Ain't got no endz, we walkin see, friends
touched a hot chick, and got punched by her boyfriend
slide me ya number
I see that you got a man, but not a man other than me can get arrested and
admitted to the ER
she knocked me off my feet when I smelled her
corner of 14 & Van Dyke

punched in the back
kicked on top
thrown in the streets, hear the tires screech
And to the drivers that be out there strollin
my body's rollin
hit the brakes when I'm on the corner
Track Name: Acquit
I just got my charges dropped, they said, acquit
I was so glad I did the splits, HA! HA! ACQUIT!
I just got my charges dropped, they said, acquit
I was so glad I did the splits, HA! HA! ACQUIT!

Charges they dropped, they were futile, I drove to a Wendy's
I'm a black man past the age of 20
middle-class man with a white man standing in the back of studio
enslave Kazakhstan with his right hand
My raps are crumby, and tight, I'm fightening, enlightening
tightening five little white screws in my mind, biting em
I'm like a ditzy black Miley that's lost
twerking the heck outta everything I come across at any costs
I watch Scandal, DVR's I dismantle
Met George W. and threw boots, heels, and sandals
Then I found myself locked up in the jail, hurting
it's too late!
Head in the toilet, now it's swirling!

On an escalator, cumpulsive masterbator
persuading, Nick da quick to eat taters
refused at every bar here through the equator
They know I'm crazy (uh-huh) for licking women like a flavor
I'll give you what you need, like an increased lower wage
and my songs will get played, and blind you like some mace [*BLAM*]
Granny Smith envy, gun muzzle empty, point on purpose
You never hear me say, "Forgive me"
earnin every penny - the only way I take it, face it
the things I'm telling you, you embrace it
You tried? I'll give you a nap in the basement
run and evade, go find a replacement
getting stomped on the pavement, all despite
I get many followers - about two in a night
My life is lame, I hope yours is alright
and if you try to fight me, I just claim stage-fright

Hey! I just got my charges dropped, they said, acquit
I was so glad I did the splits, HA! HA! ACQUIT!
Hey! I just got my charges dropped, they said, acquit
I was so glad I did the splits, HA! HA! ACQUIT!

I'm a compulsive buyer, full of sparkling desire
balls of fire, embellishing, I'm a lier
once admired, retired, got attired
snitching to the cops with a fake audio wire
(Hey, is Carter performing?) STUPID! can't you read the flyer?
that I got arrested for breaking a cease-fire
(Aren't you gonna answer?) No, not required
but Mary-Louise Parker is what I desire
fully-equiped, and on a sugar trip
Aaron's in a coma for lettin my CD skip.. [cd skips]
lettin my CD skip.. [cd skips]
lettin my CD skip.. [record scratch]
I'm hanging anything when I'm courting
It's gonna cost $300 to charge me for an extortion
Somebody asked for my autograph
I act like Bill Cosby, hand em a pudding and laughed
I bring the ruckus like and old Uncle Tom

Aiyyo flashback, flashy compass, metal grill, got ransacked!
got jumped at the lockers call, Aflac!
America! get punked, better fight back!
At a 'Stop the Violence' rally, I set traps!
got my own publishing, screw an ASCAP!
The provider, configured the Wolf-Pack!
VPN and he paid me a G-Stack!
I don't need no mary-jane, don't prefer crack!
a born loser, chest pains have come back!
Bring your crew and my skills will get laughed at!!!
brain smacker, corn rappers get they bags packed
I got mine in a trash bag

Hey! I just got my charges dropped, they said, acquit
I was so glad I did the splits, HA! HA! ACQUIT!
Hey! I just got my charges dropped, they said, acquit
I was so glad I did the splits, HA! HA! ACQUIT!

The Wolf! WolfDen Studios!
Uh, 2015
Mind of the Court Jester
Shoutout to Aaron Lapa
Track Name: About The Honeys
[Verse 1]
Police kickin in my backdoor (WHOO!)
pouring wax on her body from a candle (BLEE!)
got me scratching itches on the top of my tip (WHOO!)
I went to Herman Kiefer to get some ball clips (YO!)
STDs made my dick itch (GO!)
Go to Culver's and get myself some shrimp dips (HAA!)
And her, money hole go drip drip (UUH!)
gonna, be a father on the real tip (JEE! JEE!)
smell shrill, and corn chips (JAE! JAE!)
she got drugs in her pocket, syringe there (HUUUH!)
She just wanna have a good day (WHAT!)
I beat off to Weeds think of Mary-Louise! (DANG! DANG!)
I want her right here today! (DANG! DANG!)
Never let her get away! (WHAT!)
What!? I nerd, Yay! Hey!
Listen what Nick Da Quick say!

If it ain't about the honey's
Don't be texting my phone, dude I ain't gettin' up!
If it ain't about the honey's
Ain't no use in you knocking outside, stop wastin' my time!
If it ain't about the honey's
Nah I don't even hear what you say, I'm just tryna take a shit!
If it ain't about the honey's
Tricks you convinced me with, tricks you convinced me with!

I'm packin a weapon, I use with discretion (I BOOM! HAA! UUH!)
a great cruisader, debater-deflator (SHO' NUFF WHAT THEY AH WHAT THEY SAY?! AAAH!)
I slimed on her melon, the streets of McClellan (DETROIT! WHAT! UUUH! HAA!)
lap dance in the grocery store, right on the lettuce (HEY! BRO! HAY!)
they try to charge me extra, I bag on these trickstas (HAA! WHOO!)
When the police enter, Imma bail on these trickstas (SCUURR!)

[Verse 2]
Hey! what you think we in this jail for?
Standin' at the movie theatre with a crotch on swol'
I'll be durned if I live with the status quo
Learned that from Dule Hill on a television show
I got a blowjob, she end up with a cold sore (BAW!)
she playin' it, I sent a shot through her front door (BOW!)
she did good, I felt bad, said Bravo
got caught, police gave an embargo
grab a poncho, and head to Toronto, trigga
I'm quick to fill a brick in a taco, trigga
trigga talk quick, well I don't respond to no tricks
No tug!, no blow!, I'm Fargo!

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Bridge]

[Verse 3]
what you think we in the ER for?
shopping in the trap, she give a good blow!
Maybe so she used to smoke some crack (CRACK!)
got my car stolen while I banged that ass!
I ain't never been lost, hope they bring that back
coulda' shoulda' got directions with the GPS track (CHUMP!)
I better run and flee!, before the gangsters start shooting me!
an icon is what I'm tryna be!
when I'm out the country, hit the embassy!
follow, follow directions, I can get you laid
But not interested in things you say

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Bridge]

Hey! what you think we in this jail for?
Standin' at the movie theatre with a crotch on swol'
I'll be durned if I live with the status quo
Learned that from Dule Hill on a television show, Psych!
Track Name: My Songs Proper
Check it out! Yeah! UH!
This is it, generic hit! Yeah! UH! YEAH! UH!
I like this! Yeah!
Yo! One year left! Let’s go!
We writing rhymes in the place, make mistakes erase
You swallow, I force it to bust out ya tooshes, with the gooshes! Uh!
Man who eats subs with slices of cold salami
At the back of the bus listening to Pac is where ya’ll find me
At the back of the class like a boss, my crew’s beside me
Network slashin, subnetin, file sharin
But I just can’t quit, because IPv6 I got’s to try it
Middle name a secret, why not?
I never miss the mark, like my great jump shot
Now checks it
I works hard instead, that’s what she said
My talent ain’t greedy, I got rhymes to feed the needy
My name ain’t Beatty, I don’t text all my business
Imprisoned like the mayor, the saber tooth slayer
Jump in the stroller and roll over, tell you friends jump on the bike with me
I just put on an extra seat HA!

I love it when you sing my songs proper
Put a statue in the air, cuz I’m a hall of famer
I love it when you sing my songs proper
To all the haters actin funny, do your thing yo dummies
I love it when you sing my songs proper
You pull a gun up out your waist and try to stick in my face
Cuz I tried to flame you tonight and do some things that are crazy, crazy
What’s the deal, people be asking
Most of these homies think I be actin, but they distractin
My stuff’s attracting and on time when your life is on the line
Contagious just like the swine, or the measles all combined
Better catch up ‘for I go too far, WHERE WE BE AT!
Always be hostile, computing data files
You gon be here for a while?
I’m gon format you, give you imput too
All this goes around at the club around 2
Plans to leave throw the keys to Nick-e
Pull the jive up front, to go on a treasure hunt
So I can plot on my great escape like Makaveli
Ran out of food, so I walks up to the deli
Conversate for a few, cuz in a few, I’m gon do what I came to do
Buy some popcorn FOOD!
Like apple jelly that we eat in the crib
Watch a movie that’s a doozie, drink Kool-Aid in a jacuzzi
Expandin not endin, bad news is stupendous and it sounds horrendous
Tremendous dreams, that $2 make a dream
I’m smooth like hands covered with aloe vera cream
Cheerios the breakfast of a macho
Transpose, compose, that’s all a brotha knows
A wrong measure, whatever
I had to find my own pleasure, build them songs like architecture
However, feelin better now. Cosby sweater now
Bahaa beats, this is what I recommends
Yo check it!
Tell your friends, to get with my mens
And we can be friends
Yo, we can do this every weekend! That’s right? That alright with you?
Track Name: I'm Just Text'n
Brace Yourself!

I'm just textin'!
HWUUUUH! walking upright
I'm just textin'!
KATY PERRY!, jerk all night
I'm just textin'!
stalk your place, cops arrest me
HWUUUUH! I'm just textin'!


I'm just textin', walkin' around with numbers in my pocket
I should text to em, girls ask "Why you textin' us?"
trick, you should come twerk on us!
I seeeen what you wearin' and WOW I'm bout to bust a nut!
I Seeeen what yo really looked like
And damn that's a male slut!
Fuck that! I'm bout to pass out! Fuck that! he pulled his balls out!
What the fuck is this song about?
All we got is them Wash-ton's, Lincolns, Hamilton's and them copper penny's with us
rhymes are tongue twisters, send it on twitter, dippin my chips, stalkin the pretties
Mac'roni and ketchup, is cheesy and slimy, I'm strippin!
WHAT!, fans disappearing!
I'm just textin'!, start a fluffy pillow fight!

I'm just textin'!
HWUUUUH! walking upright
I'm just textin'!
KATY PERRY!, jerk all night
I'm just textin'!
stalk your place, cops arrest me
HWUUUUH! I'm just textin'!
I'm just textin'!
Track Name: Lame Figga
Yeah! Wolf they gon hate you for this one!

I'm Carter, I'm a lame figga
my ethernet network is a one-giga (SOUND GOOD!)
went to the zoo and I saw two gorillas
and we making music deals with my dude, jigga
Wolf creepin on him, he done scared jigga
And YOLO's they be wilding, like some hot strippers
44 Obama busy with them flocks, chica
Hands up bro, or you might catch a shot, trigga
passing up oral sex when I dash out
I holler rain-check then I mash out
Go to the bank, no money, so I lash out (BUCK YO!)
grab up that teller hoe, and feel up in her damn blouse!
I been selling music since the 6th grade
never really made no plans to just quit mane
college taught me how to build and keep a domain
delete them VMs and recreate the same thing!
I walk up in the mall with my balls out!
security tazer me until I fall out!
I pass gas, all up in the waffle-house!
the people throw up, and then I'm tossed out!
we breezy yo, we air all of my dolls out!
Mama said no blow dolls inside her dang house!
That's why my fav is locked in the garage now! (DANG!)
Free MLP, let my favorite doll out! (MARY-LOUISE!!)
We gon' pull up our pampers when they flop on us!
full of ju-ju-bees, I'm gon throw my shit on em!
I'll rub a lil' spot, then drop my cock on em! (BIG ONES!)
the girls build me up, then I shoot that sauce on em!
mentally damaged, that's what we are! (WE ARE!)
under arrest in a squad car (SQUAD CAR!)
Selena Gomez, my dick so hard (HAARD!)
That's BS, I got a limp rod!
and if you throw cold water, my balls get small (BLOW JIGGA!)
got me twerkin like a rockstar (BLA-BLOW JIGGA!)
I'm a kidder, babysitter, honey-dipper ya'll (BLA-BLA-BLOW JIGGA!)
past midnight, we hanging in the trailer park (EMINEM YO!)
the grand jury is a jim crow! (JIM CROW!)
the whole investigation, left me queasy yo!
And tell my people, be easy yo!
we shoulda burned that court down a week ago!(YOOOOO!)
squeeze on us and then we squeezing, yo!
call for your backup, cuz we squeezing, yo!
let everybody catch a bullet hole
racists gonna leave this planet with a bullet yo!
run up, pull a gun on 'em (Please Don't)
pistol whip em, go dumb on 'em (Please Don't)
racists got me on a gangster tip! (YEAH!)
getting justice on a freedom tip! (YEAH!)

Hardcore gangster hit!
Wolf, Jigga, Lama, Dusty, Artis
Court Jester
Track Name: Daily Agitation
Oh he fucked his shit up! HA! HA!
Back in the studio with the Wolf

trapped in a world full of evil
strapped with an mic, full of ethos
trapped in the ghetto with evil thoughts of.. human beings, metal firearms and cathedrals
counting blood money with the leaders
from cell phones, back to the beepers
23 years of learning and seeing, just being
We tryin to be so, not so obedient to society's norms and imitations
stuck in this growing population
I'm just another man that's replacing all types of
known stereotypes and hatred
news be all whacked out and I get all stressed out
Tryna watch Erin Burnett and stretch my dick out!
put through the paces, commotion, money crisis, outrageous
Relieved when I rip up the pages
anger flows in waves and stages
seen as destructive behavior
Ever since back in the days when people were shoving, debating
I was pervading, invading, persuading and at the same time escaping
Conceived by all means from the tainted
Track Name: Big Head
The love is real, started while eating some cold bologna
lunch table full of misfits starting bad habits
playing the hokie-pokey, Disney song karaoke
On the real see, I want a pink shirley pony
eat quail, learned the world ain't a fairytale
we got black and white, and one Arabic male
Today’s the day, the police I'm resistin' em
got tazed and broke both my arms, when they twisted em
These hyper-sensitive world is hard and very tough
off-the-cuff comments get reneged and scuttled sure enough
From the mean streets of the dirty D, hear me dude
come together show a gesture of gratitude
this my voice and if you want, support it
black Mark Twain, kinda look like Norbit
viral phenomenon.. hardly, more like positron
To get my new single just check the store on Amazon
With any luck you might just get it locally
copy at WolfDen, autographed notably
but you gotta be on his list, a known member
I think I still owe 'em some royalties from December, whatever
Who need cash we go Greek? Forget it
petting the cat Wolf got last week
We all got weaknesses, even the troubling dreds
Some’ll end up judging others, huffing and puffing instead
watching Netflix in my bed, second best thing to eating banana bread
Track Name: Yolo Girls
one time I got her in my bed
my dick in her hand and it's pointing at her head
she's bi-polar, so unstable
she pulled me off the bed, and threw me on a table
In Ypsilanti, yeah its goin down
hand's up or they'll shoot me down
walking down Monroe ave, selling herself
yeah its goin down

In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
Yolo girl!

see many shadows, can't hear the voices
pay cash only, so many choices
bang, bone, hit, suck?
Pay 100 and you can plug butt
is she clean? I don't care, just want a conjunction
And which should I choose, a hard or soft suction?
(she made me cream!)

In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
Yolo girl!
Yolo girl!

In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
Oooh! In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
Yolo girl!

You've got a nice tight ass, made my dick turn stone
Just you wait, when I get you home
black or white, don't care creed or class
in about one minute, you'll feel a blast
after work, or on vacation
From Detroit, Michigan to the Aryan nation
(she made me cream!)

In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
In any small town, in this big world
there lives a flaming Yolo girl!
Yolo girl!

Yolo girl!

Yolo girl!
Track Name: Strange Daze
[Verse 1]
Bad habits, jerk off, and eat cabbage
guns we brandish, cause damage, run until we vanish
the nightly news is just another daily stress test
Wild West, Planet Earth: sad, depressed, opressed
guess its a mess... Shot in the street
for protesting a cop who was a racist cheat
starving and hungry, struggle ain't funny
eating hope sandwiches, rubbing on my tummy
I robbed the Hamburgler, shot the Mayor
shanked the Professor, Officer Big Mac cuffed us
When the smoke cleared, I began to lie again
the cause of my outburst was high levels of Thiamin
warning: don't talk to strangers
run until you feel that you are free and out of danger

Don't misinform 'em!

Jews pray four times a day, Muslims pray five
dispicable, unholy, immoral, and vile
some are pure evil and others nearby
some will rather blow themselves up for a lie

Allahu Akbar!

What's the difference? millions dead, more villains
While the serpentine reptilions rake in millions
I'm only human in half, banged a tranny on the john
went to take a piss, my dick shot out napalm
that's what I told the priest in confession
he shit himself laughing, and vomited in my direction
Obviously, he was amused at my misfortune
Sounds to me like a spontanious abortion

(They stay)
Same thing
(Strange ways)
We can't reform 'em
Track Name: Broad Shoulders
my cookie got crumbled, when I stumbled
shrimp is a jumbo, eating chicken with Mutombo BOSS!
I am like a rhyming molotov
Fart and gas the whole room up with diesel fumes I'm fed up
high octance too
turn up! get up!
Lunge for the mic!
grabbing on her broad shoulders

Game Boy games?
About to throw them away
watching hot girls make me say holy-moly!
sometimes I masterbate with oil of olay
climax like Buckwheat yell say "OTAY!"
stuck in jail getting raped every minute
another nightmare because my mind is demented
Some say my songs are obsolete, I turn a blind eye
Born in the early 90s but I'm still the new guy
The one that'll trick you to eat a shit pie
(keep myself busy!)
keep myself busy with my inner thoughts I and I
(tell my squad!)
one day I'm gonna die
reaper, hold your horses
Hell can wait for me to fry
first on the list
If not bet the second spot
eating some pork skins and shellfish in the parking lot
I coulda had a hot date
but the tranny turned me down cuz I'm too straight
Money comes and goes like my two balls buddy
haters mad they tried to rush me, jump me and punch me
I better calm down before my cap gets twisted
hold the gun to the side, shoot straight bitches!
cock it.
What happened?.. oh.. no clip
Mr.Ryan Carter just took a (Hot Shit!)

When I was four I bought strange from a girl in new york
she was 77 I got to look in her crescent
The effervescent of cod fish was thick
stronger than vapor
bung hole, dung hole
where's my 40 acres?
Peace to hard working women, and the players
I fainted on the ground, paramedics made me wake-up
Poor music taste
I'm done with being grown up
I don't blow up, terrorists do
(awwwww sh...)
My name is Ryan Carter
and I'm problematic
I use to think my thinking was a bad habit
Born under a D sign
I'm plagued with this curse of mine
you hear it, brain cells decline
still a virgin, that's what I just said!
Black not white, offered drugs say "Hell No!"
Twenty three years have passed strickly speaking
I make music every weekend
like a chore, part of my life
kinda, sort of
I get mad love and I respect the haters
from all ages, until my death
I'm serving planet Earth with my art
grabbing on them broad shoulders my dudes
Track Name: Running with Wolves
[The Wolf]
Sometimes I just wanna watch the world burn!
Don’t do that one! That’s horrible!
That’s like fucking weird!

[Ryan Carter]
Who’s complaining?

[The Wolf]
I don’t know, but you just captured me complaining in the background

[Ryan Carter]
That’s perfect, I’m leaving it!

[The Wolf]
Don’t do that one!

[Ryan Carter]
I was runnin' through the sticks with my wolves!

[CHORUS - Ryan Carter & The Wolf]
I was runnin' through the sticks with my wolves!
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!
Runnin' through the sticks with my wolves
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!

Don't bring your wolf to work, it ain't professional, woah!
That's how the story go
pulling on my dick, watching a porno show
Disney's in here got Mickey and Minney and Goofy and Winnie and woah!
Yeah, and wolves gotta shit tho
HP might declare it a holiday, soon as Bahaa get back in the store
Yeah! you know you gotta try it tho
I'm not compatible, I'm supernatural!
I'm international! Woah!
My man Jigga, available bachelor!
we turn up, we stay up, drink two cups, feel three butts
now we get thrown out the, Woah!
I'm taking the ice cream vanilla, pour it on money and women
will I go to Heaven, guess Hell's where they'll book me
That's how I imagine that goes!

I was runnin' through the sticks with my wolves!


[CHORUS - Ryan Carter & The Wolf]
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!
I was Runnin' through the sticks with my wolves
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!
you know they gotta shit tho!

Runnin' through the sticks with my wolves!
Hey man this Drake!
Hey man, this not Drake!
Track Name: According To Plan
Hello, I hit you wit dat elbow!

I go on date night, then masterbate after
jigga dance with a chick, then run out cuz he had fun
I won't let that past him
Got girls twerking on me, dick hard enough to blast em
respectful in real life, on the mic a strange man
Stand close to a hot woman, cop-a-feel man
Who gives a fuck about what they boyfriends do
Hope you understand, I'm joking dude
don't ask who, the man with a sleep disorder
my bottled water is sorta shared with your daughter
I suggest you sample the formula trooper
in my cup is gatoraid, in her's a wine cooler
passing gas silently and deadly with butt-cheek maneuvers
once a month getting evicted, so call the movers
wear adult diapers, still ruin my sheets
No matter what the fluid, piss or skeet

you question how I live, the phrases that I give
stare me down, dishevled, tryna undress me
I don't budge, expose my bare ass
shake my balls like two nuggets, ass pimples, so disgustin
call me fool, dick, or tool
suck that, kiss that, lick that, I'm a "a la carte"
for the most part, Melissa Joan can't explain it
details, we skews it more, Obama 44!
Authorize, Authenticate, Account
then direct to data banks, bits of 8
Ryan Carter.. writes a hit
presented to planet Earth, mastered by Nick-Quik
Baby Don D, eat a D-I-C
(Externally V-P-N)
see, only for M-E!

By keyboard my hand will type these rhymes 'til I'm played out
Mostly bout society, or things I'm concerned about
gross and indecent views unheard about
With different beats to make you scream and shout
I take a look at my life, a big fail
through peer pressure, bullies, and beef rap, I prevailed
If I could do it, you can too
you know how I know? cuz I believe in you if you do
Like my white brother, we do so much stuff together (WHAT UP NICK!)
From lunches at Culver's to writing songs that's clever
Remember when we did announcements at the pep rally?
the crowd started singing my song, it got real rowdy!
The monster energy drink had you pooping on the clock, ock
Truly the weirdest erratic duo in the whole flock
I got a flick of you with the Zelda sword in your hand
none of this was ever according to plan man!